Not Now, Love (Original Single) By HEAVY ON THE HEART.

TOP BEST HITS Not Now, Love (Original Single) By HEAVY ON THE HEART.

The Long Island alt-rock scene has a new reigning voice with the influential pipes of Nikki Brady. Her band heavy on the heart recently dropped their newest single "Not Now, Love," highlighting Brady's stunning vocal talent over an electrifying instrumental mix.


"Not Now, Love" opens with Brady rejecting love and anticipation in the verses. "Not now, I said not now love," she croons coolly, taking control and reflecting the song's theme of spurning affection on her own terms. In the chorus, she ramps up the fire, belting out "Find me out of place again my love". Brady effectively channels the push and pull of complicated relationships through the spirited delivery of her supple yet gritty vocals.


The lyrics explore the tangled emotions of an ended romance, toggling between confidence and vulnerability. "I'd think out loud, I'd think out loud love, but see these thoughts require heavy medication," Brady admits, her voice wavering slightly to hint at lingering pain. Yet she remains resolute as she declares on the bridge, "That's when you know, that's when you know, find me out of place again my love."

Brady's vocal performance is a masterclass in conveying the mixed emotions of breakups. She injects sass into lines like "Did it fall short of any expectations?" and then soulfully croons her confusion on the post-chorus. The lyrics brilliantly capture relationship ambiguity, and Brady's committed delivery generates empathy for the narrator's conflicted headspace.

Backing up Brady's commanding voice, heavy on the heart reveals impressive instrumental chops. The band wastes no time hooking listeners with their alt-rock sound, flaunting their guitar riffs. The verses settle into a loping groove driven by the bass line's pulses. When the choruses hit, the drums pick up as the guitar explodes into cascading melodic riffs and wailing solos.

"Not Now, Love" is an ambitious and well-executed track brimming with talent. Nikki Brady's one-of-a-kind voice deserves the rock star treatment, and heavy on the heart provides just that. Keep an eye on this Long Island band as they continue unleashing crushing alt-rock. The combination of technical skill, emotional authenticity, and sonic dynamism on their release suggests very bright things ahead. Thanks to their splendid musical talents, heavy on the heart is poised to go heavy on the charts. The track is available worldwide to stream, and you can find the band on any social platform of your choice.

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