none of your business By EGO N FRIENDS

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Denver's ego n friends trade his usual haunts for a liminal space on "none of your business," the latest single previewed during their Tiny Desk stint. This "spring" offering feels more like a sonic mirage shimmering on the horizon, defying easy categorization.

This song feels like a sunny mirage in the distance. "none of your business" hints that ego n friends is changing up his style. There are quiet samples from his old song "Fall From Heaven" that pop in and out. It's like a ghost from his past mixed with something fresh. The music moves left and right too, making everything feel blurry as it comes together. It's like exploring someplace you've never seen before and finding amazing views with every turn. No doubt it keeps you intrigued! The guitar work on this song has a cool Indie vibe. It's not super loud or flashy, the playing is pretty mellow and laid back. Think of drifting guitar notes like a warm summer breeze. Even though it's simple, the guitar adds so much to the vibe of exploring and changing. It just floats along as your mind and feelings float too.

This song hits you hard because it captures change, and change is messy but also beautiful. We've all felt endings that sting, like having to say goodbye to what we thought we wanted. And we've all hoped for new starts, to leave the past behind and see what dreams will grow. ego n friends get that feeling. He wears his heart on his musical sleeve, creating a song that soothes the growing pains and pushes us forward too.

Denver's ego on friends has built a big following across different types of music and places because of his skills and caring nature. He brings together all sorts of sounds that just work. Working with his friends, Brian Danzy, BROCKWELL, Kidd Doxx, Nelo and SPACEDOUTMARS, has made his sound go up even better. Plus, ego n friends wear a lot of hats. He's a producer, engineer, DJ, and a content creator.

"none of your business" shows how much ego n friends keep growing as an artist. His music evolves just like the changing world around us, with each new song full of more life, complexity, and depth than the last. It's a perfect song for anyone going through changing themselves, a soundtrack for personal growth. Give it a listen on Spotify today by streaming "none of your business."

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