Nobody’s (Original Single) By Nobody’s Wolf Child

TOP BEST HITS Nobody’s (Original Single) By Nobody’s Wolf Child

Nobody’s Wolf Child's "Nobody’s," the Hexalogy’s crowning achievement, thickens Nobody’s Wolf Child’s singular vision. Over the course of six increasingly exploratory releases, she’s forged a molten fusion of feral staggering synths, mind-shattering drum machines, and vocals that burrow into your head.

"Black as night / I turn the light out in my heart," Nobody’s Wolf Child sings, sidling into a beat from the underworld. Her words become weapons, shredding the track like shrapnel with each note. "This human nature / I shed the skin / Burn it from veins / I’m no longer kin." She claws at humanity with razor-sharp pitch until only primeval instinct remains. "You’re nothing to me, I’m nobody to you / (You don't belong) / I'm nobody’s to take / No one’s to bend / No one’s to love / Nobody's to break." The lyrics and vocals are truly astounding. The songwriting proved insightful and inspiring, as is customary for this artist.

"Nobody’s" channels the torment of existence into a miasma of synth and vocals. Listening is an endless plunge into the abyss, rasped out in high notes and terrific vocals. She refuses to be tamed or understood, leaving only the razed ruins of a human voice in her wake.

Nobody’s Wolf Child excavates deep within, peeling back layer after layer to find something extraordinary. "Nobody’s" is a catabolic screed, dissolving civility to reveal bent truth. Nobody’s Wolf Child pulls back the curtains and shows us the true reality. "Nobody’s" shocks the system, which is the point. It crystallizes Nobody’s Wolf Child’s vision, formulating synths and beats, and vocals into a stunning whole.

As a listener, I find this innovative approach refreshing; the music industry desperately needs versatile artists willing to carve out new sonic territory. She crafts a piece of ambient music utterly original, one that burrows under your skin and refuses to leave. Nobody’s Wolf Child delivers a single demanding to be heard, re-heard, and shared. This is an artist and single sure to please adventurous listeners and shake up the status quo, Nobody’s Wolf Child deserves acclaim and a wide audience. Follow Nobody’s Wolf Child for more, and experience "Nobody’s" on any major streaming service.

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