No Stopping Us (Original Single) By Joshua Ketchmark

HYPE No Stopping Us (Original Single) By Joshua Ketchmark

With his unwavering commitment to authenticity and vulnerability, Joshua Ketchmark's songwriting is undoubtedly the driving force behind his rapidly growing fanbase. His latest release, the album "BLOOD", is a raw and intimate glimpse into his personal experiences, with each of its 12 tracks bearing witness to the climactic moments that have shaped him. Among the standout tracks, "No Stopping Us" stands out as a particularly poignant and powerful anthem, crafted by the masterful songwriter himself.

The beginning of "No Stopping Us" takes the listener to a different setting where emotions are strong, and the music serves as the only source of direction. The song's opening acoustic guitar riff is a masterpiece, with its subtle, passionate changes that establish the mood for the rest of the song. The listener hangs on every note as though the guitar was telling a narrative. In this song, the acoustic guitar serves as both an instrument and a character that guides the listener through the narrative.

With a deep, raspy tone that gives the song a raw, moving character, it is obvious that the singer has a distinctive vocal style. Together with the acoustic and electric guitars and very gentle synthesizers they create a very emotional mood that is difficult to ignore.

As the song progresses to the chorus, the full magic becomes apparent. The music is elevated to a new level by the electric guitar and light drumming that make a big appearance. With a catchy tune that is tough to resist singing along to, the chorus is both memorable and charming.

The lyrics tell the story of a car that had a profound impact on Joshua's life, with lyrics that go "Passed down to me from my father/ He had inherited grandma’s Cadillac/ and the day I saw the Chevy, there’s no turning back". The words are fun to sing along to, with genius lyrics that make them impossible not to get stuck in your head, they're relatable and heartfelt, and it's easy to see that the artist put a lot of thought into them.

The song concludes with a soft rock riff, bringing a sense of closure and finality, but also a sense of longing for more. The song is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the beauty and emotional power of music. Joshua truly is a one of a kind artist, with vocals and guitar playing like no other, he is building a name for himself and is certainly on the road to global stardom. Follow Joshua on social media to stay updated on all of his releases, and listen to the acoustic heaven "No Stopping Us" on Spotify.

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