Edie Yvonne just dropped a graceful cover of "No Rain" by Blind Melon, and it's seriously giving me all the feels. I've been a fan of Edie's music since her big debut, and she still blows me away every time.

This take on the song transforms it. It's such a different vibe than the original version, but Edie owns it. Edie slows things down, with a beautiful guitar melody that lets her mesmerizing voice shine through in all its glory. She fills each lyric with pure emotion that gives me chills - you can hear the sad reflection in every note. Even die-hard Blind Melon fans should check this out. There are layers to the lyrics that you may have never noticed before.

Taking on such an iconic song is a bold move, but if anyone can do it justice, it's Edie. She infuses it with her signature vulnerability and passion, which makes the song profoundly moving. Producer Doug Boehm kept the arrangements light, too, letting Edie's raw talents shine without huge elements.

Her delivery taps into the reflective mood of the season. During the busyness of the holidays, it's so important to make space for solemn feelings and connection, too. Edie nailed capturing that vibe perfectly. Laying yourself open to criticism by covering another artist's hit is brave, but she slammed it out of the park.

Edie worked her magic and crafted one of the prettiest songs you'll hear all year. Fans will be talking about this stellar cover for ages. Even if you know the song like the back of your hand, Edie always seems to put her spin on things. That's just how talented she is - she takes these songs and makes them her own with that incredible voice.

Stick this one on repeat whenever the cold weather blues start to set in. From the first note, you'll be mesmerized and want it on your regular holiday playlist. Go stream this gorgeous track now, wherever you listen, and be sure to follow Edie's social media pages to stay updated. Her vocals and words are the perfect companions on these cozy winter nights.

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