It’s time for a track by one of my favorite new artists, and that is Che Arthur! His gritty, honest sound has been blowing me away for a while. Che's just dropped his latest tune "No Harbor" and you know it will not disappoint.

Che Arthur is a master of layering all kinds of textures. You've got the heavy bassline rumbling underneath, swirling guitars dancing all around, and the raspy vocals radiating through the background with unfiltered emotion. It's complex but never muddy, thanks to Che's mad skills as a music engineer. You get hints of post-hardcore intensity and atmospherics that take the song to even deeper places. As someone who's followed Che's career since last year, it's so cool to see how his talent as a musician has evolved.

While "No Harbor" offers a potent taste, it's only a glimpse of what's to come on "For That Which Now Lies Fallow." At its core, Che's new album is a fearlessly candid chronicle of battling not just cancer but existential dread in the face of life's risks. It promises to be a brutally honest listen, pulling no punches in its depiction of darkness, desperation, and the search for meaning amidst the chaos. For anyone who's faced their demons, whether illness, heartbreak, or simply the relentless march of time, "For That Which Now Lies Fallow" will undoubtedly strike a chord. In Che Arthur's unflinching artistry, we see proof that light can be found, even when all seems lost at sea. No harbor may be in sight, but the will to weather every storm keeps us voyaging ever onward.

This track has me beyond hyped to dive into "For That Which Now Lies Fallow" when it drops. From the sounds of this gripping first single, it's sure to be another deeply moving musical journey from a true artist.

There is nothing to sleep on when it comes to Che Arthur. I strongly suggest you stream "No Harbor" right now, and you will see just how good he is. Che Arthur continues to deliver uncompromising art from the heart, and it's exactly what we need in these crazy times.

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