Neverberator (2023 Remaster – Original Album) By AUTiSM

TOP BEST HITS Neverberator (2023 Remaster – Original Album) By AUTiSM

Hidden gems often remain concealed for years before their brilliance is uncovered and shared with the world. Such is the case with "Neverberator," the lost album from clever electronic music pioneer Autism. Originally released years ago, this enigmatic work pushed the boundaries of intelligent dance music with its forward-thinking sound. Now, "Neverberator (2023 Remaster)" has been beautifully remastered and is poised to captivate new generations of listeners.

Old-school synths and funky grooves abound on "Neverberator," transporting the listener back to the golden age of electronica. The opening track, "Old Tape Monofreak," calls to mind a retro-futuristic sound with stunning, layered keys that create an irresistibly danceable beat. Seamlessly blending new and old, this song has all the makings of a club classic that never was but should have been.

Traveling deeper into the cosmos, "The First Drunk on Mars" evokes an interstellar journey with alien synth textures and pulsing rhythms that stimulate the senses. Closing your eyes, you can envision hurtling through space as different auditory textures wash over you. The layers of sound on this track alone merit in-depth study, as Autism managed to craft an immersive musical experience unparalleled even today.

The fast pace and chill vibes of "Science-77" provide a burst of energy and respite in equal measure. Its futuristic soundscape feels like entering a time warp to an era that only existed in the minds of Autism’s innovative musicians. Segueing into the darker yet melodically rich "Upper Stream," the versatility and experimentation on display highlight why "Neverberator" has endured as a pioneering work.

Propelled by a driving drumbeat, "Catching Up with Electricity" picks up the tempo with rhythms that compel you to move. Yet just as your pulse starts racing, "Like a River Inside the Ocean" soothes you with a chilled-out tempo and vibe ideal for relaxation. This ebb and flow stay throughout the album, keeping the listener in a state of pleasurable anticipation about what aural pleasures await around the next corner.

With a title as quirky as its sound, "Flicker" lives up to its namesake with flickering noises that stick with you after the brief track ends. The upbeat and speedy "Hidden Pix" harks back to the retro-futuristic feel suffusing the entire work, with a groove as enjoyed on the dancefloor as in a chill listening space. Concluding the album, "Acute Angles" begins at a breakneck speed before decelerating into a finale as layered and meditative as all preceding tracks.

If you enjoy pushing the sonic borders of electronic music and love getting lost in intricately layered, retro-futuristic instrumental grooves, "Neverberator (2023 Remaster)" by Autism is ripe for rediscovery by new listeners. I highly recommend adding "Neverberator (2023 Remaster)" to your dance-floor playlist and streaming the entire album to experience the full range of emotion and sound that Autism so skillfully crafted. Make sure also to follow Autism on his socials.

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