Never Gonna Let You Go By FALL OF PASSION


Music, passion, cinematography, and lyricism; this is what Fall Of Passion is presenting on their debut single "Never Gonna Let You Go." The track and its accompanying video are works of art that take us back in time to the glorious style of Regency Britain. With rich arrangements, reminiscent lyrics, and visually sumptuous cinematography, "Never Gonna Let You Go" will astonish you with how it’s just a debut single.

The singer's voice in this song is amazing. The vocals tell the story of the lyrics in a sweet way. You can hear whispers, big notes belted out, and everything in between to show your feelings.

"Never Gonna Let You Go" brings a lot to the table musically. You can hear styles like pop, folk, and classical mixed in. Acoustic and electric guitars provide the background sound, and the strumming moves the song along into its grand sound. Quiet piano adds nice colors and textures. Different drumming styles keep an energetic beat flowing the whole time.

The song "Fall of Passion" brings together different musicians from all over the world. They came from different places like Italy, Brazil, India, the US, Russia, and Ukraine. Because of this, the song has sounds from many cultures mixed. This shows that people can make music together online without borders.

The music video for "Never Gonna Let You Go" is super cool to watch. It was filmed in famous places in London like Black Park and Chiswick House. The video looks like it took place in England a long time ago during the Regency period. You see the main character at a fancy ball where he has fun with his lover, but it doesn't last. Some modern things like lights that glow with UV paint and LED lights are added too, but it still feels like it's set in the past. Wide shots show off the beautiful nature and amazing buildings where they were filmed. Close-ups let you feel strong emotions. The editing moves smoothly between scenes of dancing, talking, and being alone.

The video isn't just a picture to go with the song, it's like a short movie on its own. It compels you in with romance and accurate historical details. If you like period movies and music videos that tell a good story, "Never Gonna Let You Go" is a real treat for your eyes and ears.

With "Never Gonna Let You Go," Fall of Passion proves they're great at different types of music and visual storytelling. You have to listen to the song and check out the music video together.

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