neuroplastic (Original EP) By Dylan M Kidd

TOP BEST HITS neuroplastic (Original EP) By Dylan M Kidd

The winding paths of the mind are a curious place. An endless realm of possibilities exists within the neuroplastic landscapes of our mental capacities. Musician Dylan M Kidd ventures deep into the forests of the mind with his latest seven-song EP, aptly titled "neuroplastic."

The project was rolled out on June 16th, it provides a firsthand sonic examination unveiling the intricate underpinnings of neuroplasticity.. Defined as the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections, neuroplasticity proves to both gift and hinder. Kidd's rich, organic productions echo this duality, evoking a sense of nostalgia for what once was fused with an openness to what may come to pass.

Awash in the golden ray of acoustic spotlights, the EP opens with "awake." A lush orchestration of wooden bodies and strings paints an aural sunrise, rousing the senses with radiant warmth. Ribbons of melodies dance around, uplifting the spirit.

An electric current runs through the veins of "wordsUsay," fueled by a controlled beat of electronic pulses. Syncopated synthesizers spark an infectious groove, illuminating a soundscape perfect for nocturnal adventures. The nocturne continues under starry skies gone technicolor in "waste," a tune tailored for chill evenings and moods aglow.

Branches extend an invitation in "trust fall," an offering of organic auras. Folk essence infused, the track sings with the soul of the earth, as if the trees and flowers themselves were voicing the verses. A metaphysical dreamscape takes shape in the soft-edged "bury →best of me," colored in wisps of electric strings and vaporous vocals that hold an otherworldly quality.

Divine in harmonies, "though i" moves in rhythmic tides. A light percussive pulse provides a steady beat for layers of vocals and melodic guitar phrases to cast lines of lyrical poetry upon. The EP comes to a stunning finale in "zoom out (feat. Naji)," a collaboration fusing Kidd's signature gossamer soundscapes and Naji's eloquent flows. Synthesizers shimmer as Naji's verses glide over ethereal atmospheres, masterfully merging acoustic and electronic, the grit and the glow.

Kidd's latest EP "neuroplastic" is a beautiful sonic journey into the shapeshifting landscapes of the mind. We would highly recommend giving "neuroplastic" a listen on Spotify - the heavenly harmonies and rhythmic tidal flow of vocals and guitar makes for a blissful listening experience. For updates on Kidd's fresh tracks, you'll want to subscribe to his social media channels.


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