The Screaming Pope has been at the cutting edge of electronic music for a while, constantly pushing boundaries and reinventing the genre. His new album "Neon Heights" is another masterclass in musicianship.

The 14-track journey starts with "Movie Star", immediately sucking you into its deep, vibrating beats. Next, "Pedal To The Floor" takes a more romantic turn with smooth jazz drums and a groovy vibe. "Tunneling" is straight-up hypnotic. It transports you underground where time and space cease to exist. My personal favorite so far is "Tall, Dark And Dangerous". The vocals are super subtle and the jazzy melodies glued me to my chair.

Halfway through, "What It Feels Like" hits differently, like needles piercing your skin with how hard the beats slam. Talk about stunning production quality. Then "Neon Heights" provides the perfect breather, a beautifully melodic ballad to just sit and absorb.

The slow burn of "Rain Is Pouring" had me feeling every raindrop and so relaxing. "If You Wanna Vibe" lives up to its name with a fast pace sure to get you moving. "When The Beat Drops" is runway-ready, just waiting to hit the sweaty dancefloor. Back-to-back with "Devotion", the deep beats and constantly shifting melodic layers are mesmerizing. The artist knows how to craft a song that gets stuck. Next, "I Want You" takes on a sultry lo-fi R&B vibe with woozy synths.

Halfway through and still impressive, "Me Gusta" taps into old-school roots with fun, punchy energy guaranteed to get you up and moving. Then "I Won't" is straight fire, the club banger to end all club bangers. Finally, "The Battle" closes things on a beautifully tender note.

What a rollercoaster ride of emotions and rhythms over 14 impeccably crafted songs. Not a single track sounds like the last. George Bolton proves once again why he's been pioneering the evolution of electronic music for years now.

Just when I thought The Screaming Pope couldn't top himself, he dropped another masterpiece like "Neon Heights," giving us 14 tracks of pure sonic brilliance that had me attached from start to finish. Do not sleep on absorbing this album as soon as possible. You will be hitting replay over and over as each song unveils new layers of genius. The diversity packed into a tidy 30 minutes had my jaw on the floor. Crank these tunes loud whether you're relaxing at home or hitting the club.

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