My Revolution (feat. Taras Kuznetzov – Original Video) By Red Bird Rising

JUST ROCK My Revolution (feat. Taras Kuznetzov – Original Video) By Red Bird Rising

Red Bird Rising's "My Revolution" is a cinematic call to arms disguised as a striking song, reflecting the experiences of the feature, Taras Kuznetsov, living through the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Over ravishing synths, piano melodies, and a hypnotic beat, Red Bird Rising and Kuznetsov craft a timeless anthem of perseverance in the face of oppression.

"My Revolution" was recorded and co-directed in Odessa, Ukraine, filming in public places during the day and at night to capture the chilling reality of its situation. The music video opens from Kuznetsov's own apartment, where you can hear, see and feel ricocheting sirens in the otherwise silent night. This is music with visions of revolution that transcend any particular struggle. The cinematography of "My Revolution" is a stunning display of power and purpose. The music video is undoubtedly a masterclass in creative expression. Surreal aerial shots of ruins and wreckage are interspersed with a fluid, freewheeling dance performance, symbolizing the indomitable human spirit set against the worst desolation. New life emerges from the ashes through these gritty yet poetic images—a grave reminder of destruction met by unrestrained dreams of freedom.


Lyrically, "My Revolution" insists that true liberation begins within. "There are days I dream of leaving for good / Passport be damned, take all I can / Get out now like I should," but the revolution that will change everything starts from "my world within." No force can crush a spirit that refuses to surrender hope. The repetition of "My revolution, my revolution begins / My revolution, my revolution begins in my world within" hammers this message into an anthem.

Though the song was inspired by Taras Kuznetsov's own experiences surviving Russian aggression, its message transcends any particular conflict. It gives voice to visions of a better world emerging from darkness. "My Revolution" is a moving reminder that courage and love cannot be crushed. This is a story of transcendence, of turning anguish into strength through a revolutionary spirit.

This pressing and immortal single deserves to be heard by every person with a sense of shared humanity. Red Bird Rising and Taras Kuznetsov have created something magical, authentically expressing a struggle that resonates around the globe. Though separated by immense distances, "My Revolution" forges connections between us. The powerful music video gives profound visual shape to its message, transporting you to feel the depths of passion and purpose from which this song arose. Listen to the song and watch the music video on Youtube, and follow Red Bird Rising for more.

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