Mustang Runners (Original Single) By Mary Knoblock

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Mary Knoblock is pushing the boundaries of music as we know it. Emerging from Portland, Oregon, this experimental composer and singer-songwriter is reimagining avant-garde genres and forging new clever creations with her outstanding sound.

Knoblock’s latest single, "Mustang Runners," seamlessly blends plenty of genres and innovative influences, resulting in a haunting and impressive work that captivates listeners. Clear keys strike with energy, commanding the piece as the composition weaves into a tapestry of sound, transcendent, and healing. This anthem shines in glory with its grandness.

Sweeping melodies convey dominance, celebrating the listener. Each note rings out like a bell, summoning the spirit and awakening the senses. The sea of sound surges and crests, carrying the soul on waves of melody and harmony. The music swells in crescendos and ranges in fortissimo, lifting the spirit high. At its climax, one feels transported, as if floating amongst the sounds. By its end, one feels reborn, healed by this song’s beauty and might. Through the music, wounds are mended and sorrows soothed. A lightness returns to the heart, as if years have fallen away.

With a readiness to take risks and explore the undiscovered territory, Knoblock is turning heads in the music scene and gaining recognition as an artist to watch. Her enigmatic and alluring sound is dissonant yet mellifluous, stretching the envelope of musical possibility while remaining profoundly moving. Her atmospheric and emotive works are evocative tales of soul, spirit, and subtle menace. "Mustang Runners" is a prime example of her unparalleled ability to weave melody and tone into something strikingly vivid and visceral. Driven by an elegant force, Knoblock is redefining musical expression through her genre-defying compositions.

Mary Knoblock is an artist remaking music in her own image. With a willingness to forge new creative pathways, Knoblock is poised to reshape the industry through her singular and unforgettable style.

To discover more of her atmospheric and moving soundscapes, stream ‘Mustang Runners’ on Spotify and follow Mary on her social media platforms to stay updated on all her newest drops. Enthrall yourself in her progressive auditory adventures.

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