MR. ROQUA (Original Single) by MONOCHROME


July 6, 2022 by saiidzeidan
MR. ROQUA (Original Single) by MONOCHROME MR. ROQUA (Original Single) by MONOCHROME  

MR. ROQUA (Original Single) by MONOCHROME is  a hip-hop track with rap and an edge to it, it is a super catchy single that is energetic and has a dark aesthetic, I can totally see myself vibing to this track with my friends to get the mood pumped or even working out to it in the gym. This single literally gives you the energy to do anything and be confident in yourself. I really feel as if I drank a cup of coffee when listening to this track, that's how much I feel that it is energizing. Monochrome describe the lyrics of this song as inspired by the classic story of an aspiring star selling their soul to the devil in return for everything they've dreamed of, but the dark mood hints at the consequences of that choice. Monochrome is a talented Scandinavian band with its members being Max and Alexander, both raised in a small town called Varberg, Sweden, where they met in high school and studied music production and film-photography respectively. I Personally really liked this song and think that you really should give Monochrome the band a listen because their music is truly fantastic.

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