Mr.Morale (Original Single)By IV Collin

HIP HOP / RAP / R&B Mr.Morale (Original Single)By IV Collin

Among the great things about the song is the impactful intro, the lyrics are rich and the artist's vocals are clear and confident, then this is my favorite tempo and the punchy rap, has a driving and upbeat energy. Collin expresses himself in a smart way and adheres to a different approach to the music business by writing his own music. Take a listen to this track if you haven't already

            Listen & Follow:   During the process of creating Mr.Morale i started to use it as a alter ego that would tell me everything i needed to hear. This music business is a long process and people don't pwe you their time you have to win them over. I started writing music because it was my safe way of expressing myself. it's not a money grab but i would love to be able to make a living off my passion. Mr Morale is a letter to myself to remember why i started doing this in the first place

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