More Than Meets the Keys: The QuNexus RED Proves Great MIDI Control Comes in Small Packages

Music Business More Than Meets the Keys: The QuNexus RED Proves Great MIDI Control Comes in Small Packages

The QuNexus RED from Keith McMillen Instruments is a compact yet powerful MIDI controller designed for electronic musicians. Featuring a two-octave keypad layout, it packs robust control options into a small form factor measuring just 12.8" x 3.3".

In addition to its USB-C connection, the QuNexus offers additional I/O including CV input/output and a MIDI expansion port. This extra connectivity allows it to integrate seamlessly into a variety of hardware and software setups. It also comes bundled with a 5-pin MIDI dongle for expanded control possibilities.

Beyond standard note playback, the QuNexus features an onboard multi-track sequencer and arpeggiator for quick idea sketches and patterns. User presets enable customizing its control configurations for different applications. This includes implementing MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) for pressure- and tilt-sensitive performance control.

Its rubberized "chicklet" style mini-keys provide tactile feedback without being overly squishy. While compact at two octaves, the layout allows intuitive melodic playing. The control buttons to the left of the keys provide onboard parameter adjustments.

Initial reviews praised its build quality and feature set within an affordable price point of $199 MSRP. Some noted the color scheme, a bold "grapefruit orange," stood out from typical black or gray controllers.

While its miniature key size requires adjustment for some players accustomed to full keyboards, the overall response is rated positively. The QuNexus opens up new musical possibilities thanks to its diverse capabilities packed into a small and portable package. It provides robust control for electronic music producers on any budget.

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