Moonshine Queen (Original Single) By Luke Frees

HYPE Moonshine Queen (Original Single) By Luke Frees

The talented vocalist Luke Frees, is back with a new track about the anger that comes from heartbreak and letting go. Luke's singing and lyrical prowess are well demonstrated in the emotional tune "Moonshine Queen."

"I spent years along the sidelines / With a cynical gaze /Sniffing out trends as they came and went / But always scared to participate" The song begins with these lines, intertwined with really deep and raspy vocals, fantastic percussion, and guitar playing. The guitar strings are expertly played, the melodies sound deep and passionate, and they exude emotion and sadness, but what truly grabs your attention is the variety of drumming employed. The drums, which steal the show flawlessly and brilliantly, are the song's high point. The drumming is intense and powerful, with a wonderful punk vibe. As the song goes on, new rhythms and melodies, including synthesizers and higher guitar strings, are introduced as instrumental parts.

The song develops vocally as it goes along. The vocals begin with a deep, raspy voice, but as it goes on, we can hear the pitch rising, which enhances the song's entire production and mood. Overall, the production is absolutely top-notch, and I had the absolute best time listening to it. In particular, I like how the song begins with a deeper pitch and gradually rises with the vocals and instrumentals; it's like a vocal roller coaster that doesnt end. The song's words are really touching and profound, and the melody truly brings out these emotions.

This isn't the first time Luke has taken me by surprise with a comeback; each time, the singer inspires me to the point where I fall in love with his songs more and more. Luke is undoubtedly one of the select few artists with a perfect discography that consistently produces bops. With its originality and innovation, "Moonshine Queen" is the newest punk smash that you will be fixated on. You will adore the song as soon as you hear it. Be sure to show Luke Frees your support by liking and following him on social media and listening to "Moonshine Queen" on streaming platforms.


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