TOP BEST HITSMistake (Original Single) by Colt Sterk

July 15, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Mistake (Original Single) by Colt Sterk Mistake (Original Single) by Colt Sterk

Mistake (Original Single) by Colt Sterk is a classical love song with a hint of rock. Colt Sterk the singer/songwriter wrote this track about a gut-wrenching heartbreak he experienced where he wondered if ending the relationship filled with love and care was a mistake or starting the relationship was a mistake to begin with. A perfect song for the heartbroken, this song is a must listen if you're in the mood for a sad song or a breakup song. The lyrics of this track are relatable and meaningful, with a melody that just tugs at you're heart strings. Colt Sterk is a talented artist, you must give him a listen.

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