TOP BEST HITSMind Control (Original Video) By Slay Positive

July 14, 2022 by saiidzeidan
 Mind Control (Original Video) By Slay Positive Mind Control (Original Video) By Slay Positive

This upcoming band, "Slay Positive" from US-Atlanta, introduces their latest Single/Video on Spotify and Youtube with their own unique style. Their music blends rock, hip-hop, and electronic sounds with bass, drums, and synthesizers. The "Mind Control (original single)" video features explosive guitar and drum skills with selfless unique vocals that accompany nonstop disturbing visuals depicting the number of subliminal messages we encounter every day without even realizing it. Whenever we see road ads, watch television, or even check our mail, we are exposed to enormous amounts of information. (Perfect SLAVES) is what we are now. I Belive what they are trying to deliver is a wake-up message.

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