Midnight Masquerade (Original Album) By Kit Citrine

Discover POP Midnight Masquerade (Original Album) By Kit Citrine

Kit Citrine is one of those artists that just demands love, support, and recognition with her inspiring story, as she's truly blown my mind away. The iconic artist has been around in the entertainment business for over 25 years now, and her career is nothing short of remarkable as she’s moved beyond making music to becoming a well-known advocate in the LGBTQ+ community. Set to break all her previous personal records with her latest release, "Midnight Masquerade", Kit Citrine is a force to be reckoned with!

Worthy of all the admiration and respect, Kit has dedicated her life to the entertainment business and invested countless hours into learning everything that her music might need to become flawless. With her skills honed and perfected, she’s become her own songwriter, singer, instrumentalist, and even moved a step further by becoming her own producer, mixing, mastering and marketing all her work.. Kit's music is like nothing you'll find anywhere in the industry and is bound to become a global sensation, whether through this album or the next. It is simply inevitable.

"Midnight Masquerade" is simply flawless and it's evident that it’s taken Kit’s very being to perfect each and every corner of the album to reflect the ambiance and message she’s trying to send to her audience. Forged from the past two years of her life, the album flows like a story about the life of Kit during that time. The ups and downs, highs and lows, the good, the bad, and the ugly, this album just features unimaginable songwriting skills like I’ve never seen before. With 15 tracks on the album, each one is bound to tell a unique story, from struggling with identity crisis and sexuality to the sorrow and sadness of losing a loved one and a little bit of other sensitive and relatable topics .

My fingers are crossed for Kit to receive an award for this release, as it truly is an admirable performance that demands attention. So, help her voice get across to the world, share her music and tracks with the world to enjoy; and subscribe to her social media platforms to get notified of her upcoming releases and projects.

You can learn more about this incredible artist through her website at https://www.kitcitrine.com

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