MEDICINE (Original EP) By Lily Welch

TOP BEST HITS MEDICINE (Original EP) By Lily Welch

Lily Welch is a budding independent artist with an innate talent for music. Her passion and dedication to create and share music that connects with people is what drives her to constantly strive for perfection in her art. As a result of her commitment, she has delivered a debut EP titled "MEDICINE," which is already making waves in the industry.

When Lily was just twelve years old, her father taught her how to play the guitar. This was a turning point for her as it opened up a whole new world of possibilities. She began to experiment with writing her own songs and found that she had a natural talent for storytelling through music.

This EP was written during a particularly difficult time in Lily's life when her anxiety was at its peak. The world around her seemed to be falling apart, and this is indicated in "Unsettling." "Love Language" is a more subdued track that showcases Lily's softer side. The work done on this track is stripped down, with minimum arrangements that allows her voice to take center stage. "Thought You Were The One" is a heartfelt track that deals with the pain of heartbreak. The production is minimal, with the acoustics and drums providing the only accompaniment to Lily's vocals. "The Weight Of It" is a deeply personal piece that deals with the struggles of anxiety and the burden of familial relationships. It has an ethereal quality that gives the song an almost otherworldly feel.

One of the most spectacular aspects of this album is the way Lily has crafted the sound design. While each track is minimal and simple, the musical accompaniment creates a lush and full sound that perfectly balances the wholehearted lyrics. The beats and rhythms are passionate, and the electronic pop textures are just the right touch.

Lily Welch has created an EP that is both relatable and deeply personal, making it easy for listeners to connect with the emotion behind the songs. MEDICINE is an EP that deserves all the love and admiration could that it could get. You can stream it on any streaming site you prefer, and follow Lily Welch for more inspiring music.


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