Me My Body And I. (Original Single) By Mick J. Clark

HYPE Me My Body And I. (Original Single) By Mick J. Clark

Mick J. Clark, one of my absolute all-time favorite singer-songwriters, never fails to motivate me and bless my ears with his music. Another song by Mick, "Me My Body and I," encourages self-love and gives everyone who has experienced difficulties in life the confidence to move forward.

The song begins with enthusiastic guitar chords and fantastic drumming; the guitar is enjoyable and has a certain touch of coziness and warmth. The instrumentation it provides has breathtaking vibes that will take listeners into an energetic rock heaven with genuine and pure sensations since the melody is so comforting and simple to hear. Underneath all of these cheery rhythms are encouraging words about self-love directed at those going through really challenging times, especially bullied children.

Mick wrote this song with children who experience bullying and self-harm in mind, and he hopes it would help them feel better about themselves. Mick even played this song for school children to further convey his purpose. We need more people in the word who are like Mick, who are caring and loving and are truly a blessing, Mick uses his talent to make a change in the world, he is a true inspiration!!

"It’s not what you see it’s who you are, so go consider. This life would be extremely plain, if everybody was the same, Respect the way that you’ve been made, and make your life a street parade," The song's lyrics say. The upbeat words are accompanied by reassuring singing that makes you feel like getting a hug.

The song is a true mood lifter that exceeds all expectations; it's energetic and delightful to sing along to, as well as being incredibly elevating to the spirit and giving us a great deal of power via the lyrics and phrases. This is the song that I would want everyone I know to listen to because it would undoubtedly make them joyful and optimistic. All aspects of this song, including the guitar, vocals, lyrics, and overall instrumentals, deserve praise and are a delight to hear.

Check out all of Mick's releases as they are all wonderful. All of the songs in his discography have a sharp, heartfelt message that will make you feel good. Don't forget to give "Me My Body And I" a listen on Spotify and to keep up with Mick J. Clark on social media.

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