McCartney IV (Original Single) By Dyskinetic

Discover POP McCartney IV (Original Single) By Dyskinetic

Kris Halpen AKA Dyskinetic is a rising artist from the United Kingdom that has been inspired from a young age by Japanese culture. He’s so inspired that he’s using the gloves as a musical instrument. Kris Halpen is an amazing upcoming talent that is rising in the industry. He is heavily influenced by The Beatles and is offering a truly unique experience to his listeners through his music.

Dyskinetic’s latest single release, McCartney IV, is a truly beautifully written song with inspiring lyrics and an uplifting beat to back it up. The song speaks about owning up to the ways you’ve hurt people and recognizing that love is more meaningful than anything else. Put simply, it’s his interpretation of a love song. There is enough humor in the delivery of the song to keep you entertained. However, a serious story is woven into the song to retain its message and hopefully remain romantic. Dyskinetic played the Ukulele for the first time in this song, something we would never have guessed had he not exclusively told us that.

Unobstructed by his disability and inspired by his performances for disadvantaged and disabled children with a lot of inclusive music, the decision to use the Ukelele steamed from the music cupboard of that center. A cupboard full of Ukeleles and children looking for inspiration, Dyskinetic took it upon himself to learn how to play the instrument and produce a masterpiece out of it.

Give this single a shot as the dedication and hard work it took to produce and write the song deserves to be recognized. Also be sure to support him on Spotify as we know his fans have been lacking in that manner; with over 2,000 followers on Twitter, 4,000 on Instagram, and 500 on YouTube, his Spotify only amasses 12 monthly listeners. We like to believe that all social media platforms are born equal so be sure to share the love among them.

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