It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to an artist whose songs I very much like listening to. Anna has been grinding away in the LA music scene since making the cross-country move from Jersey. The budding singer-songwriter is starting to turn more heads as her soulful sound finds its footing.

On her latest release, the solo-produced single "Mary Jane," she demonstrates a solid understanding of how to create a signature pop song. The track eases in with a wavy guitar part that sets a more easygoing tone. The controlled, relaxed vocals soon glide in, floating over gently rolling riffs and a bouncy bassline. The singer cites influences like Amy Winehouse and her expressive vocals channel elements of her.

Anna created "Mary Jane" with a specific vision in mind. She had long wanted to write a song paying homage to her love of marijuana. Inspiration struck one day while getting high and experimenting with beats on Logic. She recorded and wrote the remainder of the track while high as well, striving to infuse that "special touch."

But the song goes deeper than just an ode to weed. It goes into Thoresen's complex relationship with the drug. She likens it to past abusive relationships with lovers, comparing dependency and toxicity. "Mary Jane" is an exploration of addiction from a place of personal experience and growth. She said it perfectly: "MARY JANE" is the child of my two favorite things: love and weed." Anna Thoresen wrote, recorded, produced, and performed all elements of "Mary Jane" entirely solo from her home studio in LA. The polished song result shows how this solo talent is one of the best in the game.

Based on this song, her style feels both refreshing and timeless, meaning she will continue engaging new listeners years from now. Pop music's torch has passed between many capable hands, but after experiencing "Mary Jane," I feel confident that the genre remains in very good hands with Anna Thoresen leading the charge for her generation.

Many artists nowadays rely heavily on outside production help or guidance, but she exhibits a command of her sound from the get-go. "Mary Jane" is a promising song from a singer, songwriter, and producer to watch in the blossoming LA music scene. If you’re into good pop music, Anna Thoresen's "Mary Jane" is a must-listen. Help introduce more music fans to Anna Thoresen's music by sharing her singles online as well.

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