As the old saying goes, good music never goes out of style. On his latest single "Mary," Deuce Denninger proves that some genres are timeless, crafting a tribute to rock's glory days that is so nostalgic.

Deuce Denninger's new song knows how to make throwbacks sound top-notch. The opening song oozes that lived-in Americana feeling, just like finding a dusty old Fender guitar left in the back room of your local bar. The vocals and harmonies settle in all comfortable-like, with that classic blues sound. It's got a worn-in charm that feels familiar if you know what I mean.

His guitar playing walks a real fine line between blues clichés and an exceptional new sound. Denninger somehow avoids getting stuck in a rut, with some well-placed string bends or musical tricks. Casual listeners might not notice, but any guitar nerd will want to hit replay on the song just to focus on the guitar line! He manages to put his subtle twist on things without losing that blues vibe.

The bass and drums are what hold this song together. Ken E Keller plays the bass, and he lays down a super smooth foundation. But listen closely, his bassline goes perfectly with the guitar solos! Jimmy Brotherton is on the drums. He doesn't do big fancy fills, but keeps a real steady beat. And when he does fill, it's like a period at the end of a sentence, it moves the song along without being too loud. You can tell this whole band breathes as one. And we can't forget about Tom Roed on the keys! His piano gives the song so much color. One minute he's playing chords, the next he's doing runs up and down on the keyboard.

Now here's a secret, the backup singers are what take this to the next level. Kara Smollen and Joyce Baker Statler harmonize like sisters who grew up singing in church. Their voices wrap around the lead singer like a hug. It lifts the song from excellent to spectacular.

Ultimately, Deuce Dennieger and company are offering a masterclass in timeless Americana, executed with a lived-in authenticity that feels genuine. This is a song that wears its influences proudly, a record that sounds best with a worn-in leather jacket. It won't change the landscape of roots rock, but it'll oh so soundtrack your next road trip in style. Want to hear this magic for yourself? Stream "Mary" online now!

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