TOP BEST HITSManchego’s Vices (Original EP) By Tarantula Bill

July 11, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Manchego's Vices (Original EP) By Tarantula Bill Manchego's Vices (Original EP) By Tarantula Bill

I've had a listen to this release by Manchego's Vices. I felt super impressed with the music and decided to do a review with a heartfelt opinion. The EP features five original full-length tracks. Each track has its own specific theme and journey. All the tracks feel dreamy and imaginative with a very competent instrumental accompaniment, while the vocals whisper in the background with gentle hypnotic suggestions. I also loved the first track of the ep "wasted" and the fourth one. To me, they reminded me of when I made my first album and the time and effort it took me to be able to produce such work. I can feel the same vibes but with more joyful rhythms and a peaceful mindset. This is an excellent release to add to your music library...

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