mamma (Original Single) By MEGHAN PULLES

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For the talented Nashville-based singer-songwriter Meghan Pulles, making music is about more than just singing a catchy tune or writing clever lyrics. Her songs are an outlet for emotional vulnerability, an act of catharsis and healing. With each lyric and touching melody, Pulles shares pieces of her heart and soul with her listeners. She aims to provide comfort and validation to those going through similar struggles. Her sincere, raw vocal delivery allows fans to truly feel the sentiment behind her words.

Meghan’s latest single, "mamma," epitomizes the healing power of her music. The song, as the title suggests, is deeply personal, opening a window into Meghan’s life. What starts softly with simple strummed guitar grows in complexity as drums join in, mirroring the emotional journey Pulles takes listeners on.

The true star of "mamma," however, is Meghan’s emotive yet effortlessly controlled voice. She draws out syllables with impeccable precision to emphasize feeling without ever sounding overwrought. When Pulles holds a high note, she makes it soar with a crystalline clarity. When she rumbles down into her lower register, each rich, melancholic note rings out with evocative power. Her phrasing channels the raw emotion conveyed in the lyrics, translating profound vulnerability and pain into equally affecting music. Meghan’s delivery contains a rare balance of technical mastery and unfiltered sentiment.

Throughout her discography, Meghan consistently proves she has a gift for using music as a form of therapy - for herself and her audience alike. With every verse she sings, she reminds us of the profound soothing power that music can provide.

Meghan’s songs are like warm hugs for the soul, embracing the full range of human emotions. They invite listeners to feel seen and understood, to drop their guard and be real. She channels the healing capabilities of music to mend fractured hearts and offer hope.

If you need some food for the soul, check out "mamma" and the rest of Meghan Pulles' catalog on Spotify. Follow her on her socials to stay up to date on new music and announcements. Songs like this latest intimate single reveal an artist in tune with the consoling power of music.

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