Make Yourself Known (Original Album) By Tom Craven

TOP BEST HITS Make Yourself Known (Original Album) By Tom Craven

Through his raw and resonant music, Tom Craven shares a story of loss, hope, and perseverance in his album "Make Yourself Known". The album is a tribute to a journey of steadfastness, growth, and love.

The album opens with "Let It Fall (My December)", an optimistic and encouraging track with a cheerful guitar melody, lively drums, piano, and brilliant electric strings. The song is infused with a lovely hopeful spirit and serves as a splendid overture for the record. "Hidden City" maintains a groovier and edgier rock sound, with jazzy keyboard flourishes and an exquisite guitar riff at its core. The arrangements and production are masterfully crafted, bringing the song to vivid life.

"New Signals" adopts a more relaxed and pensive mood, with a dramatic and uninhibited melody and a fantastic deep guitar riff permeating its soundscape. The song is melodic, hinting at melancholy and sorrow. "Secondhand Smoke (Same Jeans)" emanates an upbeat and buoyant feel, largely thanks to the expressive warmth and vigor in the vocals.

"A Change In The Papers" introduces the album's most laid-back track, emphasizing tender vocals and piano work that join hands beautifully to touch the heart and stir the soul. "Catalyst" is a powerfully cheering song, hope personified as if journeying down a triumphant road.

"Sleep" possesses the happiest beat and the most sparkling piano keys, the vocals happily fast-paced and suiting the song to perfection like a well-tailored glove. The song radiates cheer and mirth.

"The Game Inside" brought out the beauty in the vocals most profoundly, highlighting a guitar solo that I found deeply moving. The song captivates through its emotive depth and melodic spirit.

"Dreams of Sixsmith" features the album's most complex arrangements, with keys and guitars seamlessly intertwining in a dazzling display. The musical interplay enchants the listener. "Truffles" carries a gleeful, spirited melody with vocals that are strong, fantastically ravishing, and accomplish much with sheer positivity and gusto.

"Atlantic Bells (Piano Edit") is a gorgeous piano ballad, the vocals blessed with fragility and grace are on full display. The stripped-back arrangement allows the emotive power of the vocals to move the listener. "Little Steps" serves as a blissful and inspiring closure to the album, with happiness, and desire taking flight on grand, uplifting melodic wings. The song is a beautiful ending to a radiant record.

Tom Craven is one magnificent artist that has crafted a brilliant album!

Tom Craven is one magnificent artist that has crafted a brilliant album! I highly recommend streaming "Make Yourself Known" and the entirety of this stunning record on Spotify to bring sunshine and joy into your day. Follow Tom Craven on his social media platforms to receive updates on new music and more.

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