Betrayal stings like a dagger to the heart. Catlea's explosive new single "Lying" rips that wound wide open with raw, unfiltered emotion and addictive indie-pop energy. This scathing anthem is a defiant clap back to every unfaithful partner who's ever looked you in the eye and lied.

Released as the first taste of her hotly anticipated album Language Barrier, "Lying" is the bold opening salvo in Catlea's all-out assault on dishonesty in relationships. The track's blistering lyrics and scorching vocals leave no doubt that this rising star refuses to be played for fools.

But "lying" isn't just sonic venting. It's the start of an immersive multi-platform campaign to introduce Catlea's singular sound and vision. The single's release is backed by a massive social media blitz across online platforms. 

Catlea is hitting the road hard too, with a grueling 42-show Midwest tour bringing her electrifying live show to fans across the heartland. Catlea's rapidly growing fanbase now numbers 140k diehard followers across social media and streaming platforms. Her music videos have drawn over 890k YouTube views and are counting.

For three years, this multi-talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist worked diligently to develop, record, and refine the ten alt-indie jewels that makeup Language Barrier. Catlea's musical pallet consists of a variety of sounds and styles.  Their eclectic tastes span the entire spectrum from gritty alt-indie to thunderous rock, shimmering pop to pulsing EDM.

But Catlea is far more than just a phenomenal voice. She knows how to create richly textured arrangements that complement her vocals.

Catlea draws inspiration from the deepest wellsprings of human experience; love, life, and self-discovery. Take "lying" for instance. The gorgeous opening riff instantly grabs you by the heartstrings. As the track builds, the lush production swells brilliantly around Catlea's soaring lead vocals. You can feel the conviction in her voice as she transforms from sadness to self-assured independence right before your eyes (and ears).

The pounding backbeat drives that liberating sentiment home, practically forcing your feet to start tapping along. The powerful chorus emerges with rising melodies and anthemic declares that will have you fist-pumping in unison.

You can hear the heartbreak, the anger, the self-doubt, a whirlwind of complex emotions laid startlingly bare. It's a masterclass in turning pain into cathartic art.

Longtime fans will instantly recognize this song as one of Catlea's best. Crank this one up and let the brutal honesty of "Lying" take over you. 

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