Love Ghost has been proudly coming out with indie rock songs with a refreshing blend of American emo influences and Latin rhythms.

But their latest single "Luna Azul," released in collaboration with Mexican artists Helian and MONDE, looks to shine a brighter light on the band's evolving sound.

As the first single off Love Ghost's upcoming EP "The Speed of Dreaming," "Luna Azul" (Spanish for "Blue Moon") introduces more prominent Spanish guitar lines and melodies, reflecting frontman Finnegan Bell's time spent writing and recording in Mexico. The song explores themes of loneliness and self-discovery that longtime Love Ghost fans will appreciate. "Luna Azul" isn't all moonlit introspection.

It's also got the heart-pumping energy of an emo anthem. With a barrage of guitar riffs and hard beats, the chorus erupts, exhorting you to embrace the dark and dance with your shadows. It's a rallying cry for anybody who has ever felt lost or alone, letting them know that they are never truly alone, even when the moon is blue.

Love Ghost have toured extensively in Europe and played major festivals in Mexico, gaining fans internationally with their blend of emo, rock, and Latin roots. This single allows them to further bridge cultural gaps by partnering directly with Mexican artists.

Helian Evans and MONDE, both rising stars in their own right, complement the song perfectly with harmonies and backing vocals in Spanish.

Leading up to the single's release, Love Ghost has been busy in the studio, working with top Mexican producers. Based on the music they’re putting out, the frontman has immersed himself in the local music scene and is inspired by Latin artists' distinct blend of international sounds.

With an extensive marketing campaign behind it led by CANAL, "Luna Azul" is sure to gain mainstream attention beyond Love Ghost's dedicated base of followers.

As Love Ghost continues cultivating creative partnerships around the world, it's exciting to see where their boundary-pushing music may lead. The sheer brilliance of this music is difficult to express in words.

The production quality is superb and much above my expectations. Make sure to stream and like the song when you discover it on Spotify.

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