Lullaby (Original Single) by BAYWUD

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Lullaby (Original Single) by BAYWUD is an indie acoustic song rich with the male falsetto voice of Baywud. After a break this year due to his mental health he is showing us that you can overcome your struggles as he did when releasing his powerful second single of the year Lullaby .

This single is a very emotional song that is about letting go and saying goodbye to a loved one, and as a person who has lost their father at an early age, this song really hits my heartstrings. Baywud's song is majestic in the way that it can be interpreted in many ways, depending on each listener, because everyone has a person they have lost either emotionally or physically, regardless of the title and status of this relationship. The lyrics, vocals, and tone of Lullaby even though  different from Baywuds style, but it is incredibly unique and amazing to listen to. I hope you do give it a listen and see how it will fit in your life.

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