Loving is Wasted (Original Single) By Arin

Discover POP Loving is Wasted (Original Single) By Arin

The devastating outcomes of unrequited love are shown in this new song by Arin along with a subtly reflective mood, in "Loving is Wasted." Arin offers us a glimpse of his potential musical direction with this single.

If I had to choose one word to sum up this track, it would be charming. From the very first note, this song has a dreamlike quality and a charm that I don't believe many songs can match. It's easygoing, relaxed, and carefree. Along with a true electronic guitar that begins the track gently and vibrating synth and padding rhythms that make the song lively, Arin's very gentle voice carries this entire tune. Arin's vocals are, to put it mildly, superb and really convey his absolute technical mastery. The excellent production complements the vocals in a seamless way.

The single "Loving is Wasted" tells the tale of a one-sided romance and spends a significant portion of the song describing the feeling of giving your all to something and receiving nothing in return. These lines are surely understandable to many individuals since they conjure up feelings of sadness while also expressing a desire to have the upper hand in order to prevent additional unhappiness.

The talented singer had a feature on BBC introducing interviews, and his main musical influences are Conan Grey, Jeremy Zucker, and Holly Humberstone. The song was recorded in his home studio.

The most comfortable aspect of this song is how realistic the words are to relationships, which I'm sure many people experience. It also has peppy, dreamy music.

It’s soothing and comforting, and after reading that Conan Grey is one of his inspirations I could see that. It has very similar productions to Conan’s but with Arin’s own style. The work is tasteful and I can’t wait for what he has in store for us.

Visit Arin's Spotify profile to listen to all he has to offer, including "Loving is Wasted" and more. His sweet voice and relaxing tone are impossible to ignore. Go follow him on all of his social media channels as well to remain up to date on all of the latest from this budding superstar.

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