Loving All the Wrong Things By CAT CALABRESE and ROMANIC

TOP BEST HITS Loving All the Wrong Things By CAT CALABRESE and ROMANIC

Singer-songwriter Cat Calabrese, who is from Cleveland, with her frequent collaborator Romanic share their innermost thoughts via this beautiful collaborative duet. Cat has used music as a release to reclaim her power and start the healing process after going through trauma that left her feeling helpless. With the release of their new track "Loving All the Wrong Things," which was produced by Romanic, and performed together, Cat and Romanic demonstrate how brave and talented they have become through their partnership.

The song opens with a simple and relatable lyric sung by Romanic: "I woke up in a bed alone / It's like that everyday." Anyone who's endured the heartache of loneliness will feel seen in that line. From there, the song swells with hope as the vocals talk of finding someone who wants the same thing, that elusive safety and security in another.

"If I gave you my heart / Would you save me from / Loving all the wrong things?" echoed the duet. The super chill and emotionally captivating delivery sends shivers down the spine.

Romanic not only produced the track but also provided vocals and performances that are a major part of the song. His vocals are prominently featured in the song, harmonizing magnificently with Cat. Their process of pouring over each element, from writing to recording, resulted in this impactful pop song that benefits tremendously from their combined talents both in and out of the studio.

 I loved this soulful duet from Cat Calabrese and Romanic. They lay their hearts on the line with their vulnerable performance. Cat and Romanic should be very proud of this important work of art they've created together. 

Being open and revealing through their music is very influential to both artists; they want people to be able to relate to their song and find understanding in it. Undoubtedly, "Loving All the Wrong Things" succeeds in achieving that aim. Anyone who has ever taken a risk on love will be able to relate to the song's realistic examination of love, anxiety, and hope. Fearless artists who don't hesitate to show their emotions through this duet, Cat Calabrese and Romanic are quickly making a name for themselves by releasing this gorgeous collaborative work.

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