Loved U More By Son.person

JUST ROCK Loved U More By Son.person
Loved U More By Son.person Loved U More By Son.person
  • If you've ever loved someone and lost them, then you'll love this record. Rather than just write songs, Son.Person turns pain into art by turning life's experiences into music. This ability is apparent in the way he sings and in the way he writes. It contains something for everyone throughout. He is as introspective as he is poetic in his music, as heartfelt as he is poetic in his lyrics. Through his music, you get a glimpse into another person's mind, where the mind turns over interesting thoughts and reveals their deepest desires.
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A powerful, strong-minded statement from a boy who wants nothing more than peace. Loved U More is an ode to those who are tired of trying to be enough. This message of honesty and torn emotion, mixed with colorful sampling and roaring guitar loops, is definitely one of the more disheartening Son.person tracks. Take a listen for yourself and see whether this one’ll leave you crying in the club.

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