When I first listened to The Kyle Jordan Project, I was like "Wow!" Their new song just lifted me and took me away. Led by Kyle Jordan and with the amazing voices of Greg Van Kerkhof and Katie Burke, this group blends old styles with new ideas to make music that touches people everywhere. It's like they take bits of different tunes and put them together in a way that connects with you. Have you listened to The Kyle Jordan Project before? If not, Be ready to hear one of the best songs you could Listen to this year.

The Kyle Jordan Project, which sprang from the ever-changing musical environment of Victoria, British Columbia, was inspired by Kyle's imaginative idea to investigate roots music in novel and intriguing ways. Kyle is a drummer, guitarist, and musician with an exceptional creative range that enables him to slickly transition across genres. He infuses the rhythmic drive of folk and blues with experimental textures, resulting in a sound that is so ephemeral. Greg and Katie's ethereal vocals are the golden threads that bring Kyle's musical ambitions to life. Their harmonies drift and intertwine, very lush and flowing.

There is an other-worldly quality to their delivery that takes listeners to lands filled with love and music. The performances are profoundly moving. This is all on their new song, "Loved By You." Greg and Katie deliver vocals that drip with feeling, their melodies carrying the listener on a smooth, winding stream. Every note on "Loved By You" exudes warmth like honey from the comb, sweet and rich. Their voices blend into each other with effortless synergy, two souls singing as one. Instrumentation provides the perfect backdrop. The twangy guitar strums create a country-tinged backdrop, while subtle keys enhance the romantic atmosphere.

Striking the perfect balance between lush instrumentation and raw, emotive delivery, "Loved By You" carries the audience to a place of total sensory bliss. The slow tempo and romantic soundscape seduce like a warm embrace, relaxing tensions and lifting spirits. The magic just intensifies further. Their sultry vocals mesmerize you as the vocals meet in your headphones. Their chemistry is so obvious.

The Kyle Jordan Project delivers a refreshing perspective on folk, indie rock, and beyond. "Loved By You" has earned regular rotation on my playlists, and no doubt will become part of your regular listening as well. Be sure to check out their music today on multiple streaming sites.

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