Love Me Then (Original Single) by Yusufyoko

TOP BEST HITS Love Me Then (Original Single) by Yusufyoko

Yusufyoko self-made and self-taught musician has released a new revolutionary delight. Love Me Then (Original Single) is a LoFi- pop and electronic chill song that will catch you off-guard with its greatness.

Yusufyoko is a believer in experiencing life and enjoying it as it is, mostly in the shadows, but hopefully, he'll show us his true self and be more open so that we can know more about this amazing and talented artist.

Yusufyoko writes his music about his life and his experiences his songs are like journal entries where he uses music as his language, which is why his music is so relatable, catchy, and enjoyable because it's personal, something more artists should learn and commit to.

Love Me Then (original single )is about not having enough courage to be yourself fully, which causes you to have some sort of internal dialogue in your head. Basically, a display of internal conflict and inner chatter, as Yusufyoko has explained about his mind-blowing single.

I am in love with Yusufyoko's vibe and authenticity, he is truly a brilliant mastermind of an artist, and his newest single Love Me Then (Original Single) will chill you and put you in a trance. You must give listen to Love Me Then (Original Single) by Yusufyoko.

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