Love is Blind (Original Single) By Ruiz!

TOP BEST HITS Love is Blind (Original Single) By Ruiz!


RUIZ! is back with a new hit titled "Love is Blind", and as expected, the song delivers his signature style - atmospheric synths, layered harmonies, and introspective reflections on relationships. With "Love is Blind", RUIZ! once again taps into emotions and experiences that we know all too well.

When the guitars kick in, the feeling of nostalgic time travel to the 80s is complete. The distinctive guitar tone and playing style are straight out of the era, replete with driving rock riffs that wouldn't sound out of place on a classic retro soundtrack. Yet there's a modern polished element to the production that keeps the guitars from feeling like a pure throwback. The interweaving of the relentless guitars and futuristic synths creates an intriguing sonic contrast, merging the musical past and present.

The synths in 'Love is Blind' lift the soundscape to futuristic heights. While steeped in nostalgia for the 80s synthesizer, the synths utilize contemporary production and layering techniques. Sounds bubble, pop, and shimmer, lifting the track up and giving it a feeling of forward propulsion into the retro-futuristic unknown. Everything is tied together by the solid beat, which maintains an upbeat energy and prevents the momentum from lagging.

As the synths and guitars weave and dance around each other, the vocals enter the mix. The vocal effects are perfectly tailored to the track, blending the vocals in with the instrumentation to create a seamless wall of sound. In the catchy chorus, the vocals and instruments come together in an irresistible melodic fusion. The steady, marching-forward feel of the chorus suggests that there are further synthwave pleasures to unfold as the song progresses.

'Love is Blind' is a journey into the past and the future, showcasing RUIZ!'s gift for crafting fresh yet nostalgic music. From the opening melody to the marvelous chorus and futuristic synths, the track delivers a consummate listening experience for retro-music fans. RUIZ! has a keen ability to tap into the sound of the 80s while using modern techniques to create forward-looking music. Whether for the instrumentation, vocals, or sheer listenability, 'Love is Blind' is a triumph of retro-futuristic sound. Listen to the new single on Spotify and follow RUIZ! to see what this compelling artist does next

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