Love And Harmony By BREAKTIME


Alternative rock band BreakTime are known for their guitar-driven indie songs, but their latest single "Love And Harmony" showcases a sweeter side. Released very recently, the track sees the group venturing into 1960s folk-rock territory with lush vocal harmonies and interweaving guitar and vocal melodies.

Written by lead guitarist Thommy Delaney, "Love And Harmony" pays homage to seminal folk acts like The Byrds and The Beatles' Rubber Soul era. Rather than one of BreakTime's known blazing guitar solos, the song is carried by crisp harmonies arranged by bassist Sean Manuel. The band created thick multi-part vocals that give the track an atmospherically layered quality reminiscent of The Beach Boys at their peak.

The band made the bold choice to take a step back from complex guitar solos on "Love And Harmony." Instead of a solo searing over the verse like on previous BreakTime singles, they play a sustained accompanying line that trades off against the vocals.

BreakTime fans may be surprised by the track's folksy 1960s pop influences in place of the band's signature style. But "Love And Harmony" is no less expertly crafted - the tight interplay of voices, guitar lines, and warm production gives the song an easygoing yet deeply satisfying vibe. The new direction seems to have drawn praise as well as curious listeners.

I cannot recommend this track enough. As someone who has been a long-time fan of BreakTime's energetic sound, "Love And Harmony" came as a wonderful surprise. I find myself replaying it over and over, unable to get bored of its melodic folk-pop charm. It's very obvious that a tremendous amount of care went into its composition and performance. I will definitely have this one on repeat until BreakTime shares more new music.

With "Love And Harmony," BreakTime proves they can gracefully explore more chill terrain beyond their usual high-octane indie sound. By continuing to reinvent themselves and take chances, BreakTime cemented their status among the most dynamic and vibrant names in modern rock. To keep up with BreakTime's continual evolution and future releases, be sure to follow the band on all of their social pages. You can also stream their latest single "Love And Harmony" now on all major platforms.


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