Lost (Original Single) By Rick Smoove

TOP BEST HITS Lost (Original Single) By Rick Smoove
 Lost (Original Single) By Rick Smoove Lost (Original Single) By Rick Smoove      

Discover "Rick Smoove," originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, but now living in San Antonio, Texas. At an early age, Smoove was fascinated with music and poetry, but it was a secondary passion to his exceptional athletic ability. You will be touched deeply by Rick Smoove's distinctively deep and heartfelt voice before you read this post or hear this single. When everyone was trapped in the house during the Pandemic, he decided to boost his creative process by fighting off anxiety and the news/roomers who surrounded us all that damned time. That decision made some of the best music in his entire career. Since two years ago, he has been anticipating the release of this single. The track features tuneful, engaging & well-shaped melodies, while the lyrics have some *Explicty* but are thought-provoking and some hoe inspiring with a punchy impact. I have enjoyed all of it, and I've added it to my Top Best Hits Playlist on my popular Spotify account as I recommend you to do so, I promise you will love it.

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