Live At Coke Studio By COLIN STAUBER


Subtlety is an art, and Colin Stauber has mastered its precise techniques on his breakthrough live album, "Colin Stauber Live at Coke Studio." The album was recorded in the resonant environs of famed Los Angeles venue Coke Studio. Colin strips his sound back to its pure essence, just his soulful vocals and acoustic guitar carrying each track.

Two standouts exemplify Colin’s artistry. "I'll Be There - Live at Coke Studio" is a tour de force. Its sweeping melody and impassioned delivery stop you in your tracks. Every nuanced inflection and tender modulation tugs at the heartstrings. "Horizon - Live at Coke Studio" then closes the deal on his vocals, which hold immense power even in their restraint. You hang on to every word, transported by the intimacy of his live performance.

Tracks like "Motions - Live at Coke Studio" and "Coast - Live at Coke Studio" maintain this pleasantly chill, California folk-pop vein, with their sunny melodies and lyrics that make you think of drives and sunset strolls. It's easy to get lost in the scenic world he creates with his music.

The magnificent "Nature - Live at Coke Studio" and the yearning "Spirit - Live at Coke Studio" give way to his raw talent. With zero heavy instrumentation, his phrasing, emotive inflections, and excellent vocal range are in full view for all to appreciate. It's performances like these that prove he is so much more than just a skilled guitarist.

The most striking thing about this album is that despite its sparse nature, "Live at Coke Studio" never feels monotonous. Colin keeps things interesting through subtle changes in vocal texture, the natural flow and progression of his lyrics, and creative instrumental flourishes here and there. It highlights his talent as a performer before anything, that he can hold the listener's attention with just his voice and guitar for the album's duration.

The live setting also enhances the relaxing, natural feeling throughout. You can practically feel the energy of the room coming through between songs, as the natural reverb of Coke Studio's spaces is allowed to shine through unfettered. It truly feels like the listener has been invited into Colin’s most personal musical moments.

"Live at Coke Studio" proves Colin Stauber is already a gifted artist deserving of wider recognition within the roots music scene. If you’re just discovering Colin, this album serves as an excellent starting point for your journey with his impressive brand of stripped-back music. Look for big things ahead from this immensely talented new voice on the Americana circuit. His live triumph will no doubt earn him new fans worldwide. Become one today by checking out the album now on Spotify.

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