Lights Out (Original EP) By HANGTIME

TOP BEST HITS Lights Out (Original EP) By HANGTIME

The electronic music scene is about to get a jolt of innovation and creativity with the release of "Lights Out," the newest EP from genre-bending duo hangtime. hangtime has been making a name for themselves with their seamless blend of electronic genres and dedication to pushing the limitations of music. "Lights Out" showcases the full extent of hangtime’s vision and versatility, taking fans to a mesmerizing sonic world filled with lush textures, throbbing beats, and industrial influences.

With their meticulous attention to detail, hangtime has crafted a sonically rich and glamorous collection that experiments with a heavier sound reminiscent of artists like Aphex Twin and The Chemical Brothers. However, hangtime has developed their own distinct twist on electronic music that comes through clearly on "Lights Out." The EP offers a focused yet depth-filled listening experience that leaves a lasting impression. It encapsulates hangtime’s chops for creating an immersive sonic experience that exceeds genres.

The three tracks in the EP, "pwnage," "lights out," and "imadeit," each possesses a unique ambiance that amalgamates to form a voyage into an avant-garde electronic domain. Starting with the initial notes of "pwnage," followed by the pulsating rhythms of "lights out," and concluding with the irresistible enchantment of "imadeit," the general atmosphere is a trek through remarkable auditory feelings and swinging vitality. The album harmoniously blends eclectic electronic constituents, entrancing the listener with its opulent sensation, while evoking visuals of bustling dance floors. With masterfully exploited vocal twists and layers of synth sounds, the EP surpasses the confines of genre, producing music that is both fun and intricate.

"Lights Out" urges listeners to let go and move freely with the music, and to become immersed in the passionate changes and flowing chaos of an indeed unforgettable electronic experience. Across its three outstanding tracks, the EP serves as a substantial introduction to hangtime’s brilliance and vibrant sonic landscape. When "Lights Out" lights up your sound systems, let the music swallow you whole. This EP is poised to propel hangtime to new heights and light up the music scene. Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on hangtime's social media platforms; follow them and give their tracks a listen on Spotify.

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