Lenses (Original Album) By Dead, Dead Swans

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Dead, Dead Swans’ "Lenses" unravels the mysticism of heartbreak through folk dirges of gloom and yearning. Led by lyricist John E. Swan, the band weaves together introspective laments that give form to the dismay of surviving love lost. Recorded during a year of seclusion, "Lenses" braids despondent melodies and bare emotions, transforming the lingering ache of a ruined romance into a collection of ghastly effusions.

We commence the album with "Wait Up," a country-infused track with raspy vocals conveying verses of a coupling coming undone. "It was touch and go / Just like we're out of rope. I thought I'd let you know That you can still come home" As fraying fibers part, joy, and care attenuate into mourning.

"Civil, Not Mutual" highlights Swan’s beautiful vocals, deep and sorrowful, as he sings "Well, this doesn't feel right; Me watching you pack". Recollections dangle from fading illumination, delicate as cobwebs shattered by grief.

"Advice" adopts a somber tone, lyrics portraying "Long roads; too far. Don't turn back, I know what you are." The years leach into sorrow, conversations circling "Round about words / Of love and loss."

"That Which Will Eventually Kill Me" has a happier melodic key, with the verses progressing: "A knotted rope sees what I see. My feet singing from a willow tree, Or a loaded pistol in my back. Pull the trigger, now I'm dead." Though the melody retains a tender, doleful ambiance, the lines envisage a despairing figure contemplating demise.

"Water’s Muddy" has beautiful guitar, and percussion, with blue lyrics of "No matter how hard that I've tried. Who's to blame when a young love dies?" The verses present heartache as an inextricable mire, engulfing each step into futures drifted apart. Once joyful passages have leached into desperation, leaving only the memory of light to haunt dark waters.

"Are You O.K?" embraces a country vibe with banjo, the lyrics depicting a struggling figure. "Don't follow me down to the stream. I'm sure you won't know what I mean. Up your nose again, cocaine, And guzzling down liquor again." The verses of "Are You O.K?" paint the portrait of a soul unraveling into anguish and self-immolation. Adopting a low country tone, the song seems to whisper of a spirit in tatters.

Though broken hearts mend with time, the scars they emblazon last forever on the soul. With raw honesty and trembling vocals, Dead, Dead Swans have given voice to the wounded spirit, crafting an album haunting as it heals; mourning what once was while bearing witness to all remaining. Like a dream from which we do not want to wake, this album conveys anguish in a way that lingers and breathes solace into the soul.

This is an ideal breakup album providing comfort to the broken hearted, this is one relatable album that will make you feel less alone in the hard times of a breakup!! Dead, Dead Swans has crafted a soothing masterpiece that deserves all the love and appreciation.

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