LEMONADE (Original Single) by Wotts

Discover POP LEMONADE (Original Single) by Wotts
LEMONADE (Original Single) by Wotts LEMONADE (Original Single) by Wotts

Wotts an indie pop canadian band have released their newest single "LEMONADE" which you should definitely give a listen to because as always things aren't as they seem and this song needs you to scratch its surface to get to its true meaning ;) "LEMONADE" is an indie melodic pop track that at a first listen seems chill and relaxing but under its surface it catches you off-guard with its heavily relatable lyrics that talks about breaking through tough times, when you're not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but hopefully there's something or someone there to remind you about the good in the world. Wotts does a great job with executing this single from the vocals, to beats and lyrics, it is just a great track to listen to and get your spirits up with. You must give this song a listen, it will catch you off-guard, it will motivate you and it will soothe your music craved ears.

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