Left to our own devices By BLOOMFIELD MACHINE


Nestled within the scenic hills of Huntington Beach lies the musical mind of Brian Kassan, better known for his progressive project Bloomfield Machine. For years, Brian has carved out his own distinctive sound through Bloomfield Machine that both pushes edges and invites fans on mesmerizing ventures of discovery. His latest album "Left to our own devices" marks another step forward, truly showcasing Brian's talents for crafting surreal landscapes.

"Left to our own devices" consists of 16 songs that act as portals into Brian's rich imagination. The album opens with "Impression Management," easing you in with magical synth washes that swell and recede like waves. Next, "Soul Crusher" transports you with complex, drum-driven textures under gorgeous melodies. The album delves further into experimental territories on songs like "When Is It Done Really" Warbling tones weave in and out of phaser-affected melodies over ambient breakbeat percussion, exploring new textures as synth lines spiral upwards. Tender moments provide contrast, like the calming ambient meditation of "No explanation." Warm pads envelop as lenient piano figures drift by, letting the mind wander freely.

The album flits between more abstract soundscapes that immerse the senses. On "Inventing Hope," enveloping pads and shimmering arpeggios create a feeling of bliss. Mysterious pads, keys, and harmonies envelop the listener in "Ghost Passenger." "Looking for leverage" has a quirky style, while "The Imperative" takes on a dramatic, cinematic feel. Sparkling melodies lift the soul on "Reality Collapse" as colorfully painted sounds wash over the landscape. Jazzy and trancey melodies propel the classic-styled "Inner Beauty Pageant." The experimental "Level of Infinity" features abstract swirls that challenge normal perception. "Zep Tepi" conjures liminal states through disembodied tones and textures. "Supernormal" gets your feet tapping with its fast keys, percussion, and beats. Meanwhile, "Greeble" shines with a lush, luminous atmosphere below a dark undertone. "Minister of Loneliness" immerses you in cinematic movie quality, leading to the album's finale "Illuminaughty."

Whether actively listened to or serving as an ambient background, the album proves a magnetizing listen that reveals new details with each playthrough. Through Bloomfield Machine, Brian Kassan has cemented himself as a truly unique entity crafting portraits of superior beauty within the realms of contemporary progressive music. His album "Left to our own devices" stands as a shining example of pushing extents through technical skill and emotional resonance. Give "Left to our own devices" a listen on Spotify and then check him out on social media to continue your venture through Brian's rich musical imagination.


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