Leaves to Burn By ANDY SMYTHE


The first rays of spring sunlight filter through bare tree branches, awakening new growth and new purpose in the earth below. So too does Andy Smythe's latest single "Leaves to Burn" stir the soul with its pastoral melody and hard-won wisdom of the fields.

"Leaves to Burn" sings the story of the English countryside throughout its runtime, taking inspiration from Andy's recollections as a youth assisting in agricultural endeavors. His delicate vocals float above the instrumentation, outlining the flow of farm life. The piece conveys both the joys and hardships intrinsic to people whose work intertwines them so intimately with the earth. Andy's lovely tenor vibrates as if on the breeze, tracing the rhythms of those whose labor nourishes the land from one changing season to the next.

Andy's ability to connect with rural communities through his words is truly moving. Like poets such as Walt Whitman before him, he acknowledges the significance of agricultural work and laborers, roles often overlooked by many but never forgotten by him. Similarly, his intricately layered instruments pay homage to McCartney and Bowie's classic sounds while maintaining their character. This blend gives the song widespread relatability while preserving its heartland heart. Through his empathy, lyrics, and musical arrangements, Andy wildly celebrates ordinary people and places.

Perhaps the most moving part of the song is its aim to shine a light on the mental health challenges facing many farmers. Andy's beautifully crafted music draws attention to this important issue in an impactful way.

Without being didactic, he skillfully uses his artistry to raise awareness. It is evident that he feels deeply for, and truly comprehends the experiences of, those living in rural communities. Through his nuanced musical storytelling, Andy communicates care, compassion, and empathy for an often underserved population.

"Leaves to Burn" is the next track on Andy's upcoming album "Poetry in Exile," and it has me excited to see what other rural discoveries the entire record may include. Through imagery, emotion, and traditional tales, its bittersweet beauty carries the listener to sun-soaked meadows, providing consolation on a chilly morning. ⁤⁤This is a meaningful work of art that will undoubtedly endure. To feel the first warm breaths of spring in your spirit, I highly recommend listening to this moving track if you haven't already. ⁤

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