La Sectio (Original Single -Extended Edit ) by Comdaport

EDM / Dance La Sectio (Original Single -Extended Edit ) by Comdaport

Comdaport has released a new head spinner, La Sectio (Extended Edit) (Original Single) is an ambient electronic dance/electro house/electronica realm that is chilling and easy enjoyable listen that shows us Comdaport's experimental playfulness they are known for.

A mind shifting single that will hypnotize you and entrance you with its softness. La Sectio features vocal samples as well as modular synthesis painting Comdaport's musical canvas.

If I had one song left to listen to in the end of days just like a last meal, it would definitely be this one with its relaxing and chilling tones. I cannot fathom how someone could be so talented and creative to put together this masterpiece. you must give La Sectio (Extended Edit) (Original Single) by Comdaport a listen

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