The Preacher’s Club is making waves in the underground darkwave scene with their moody and entrancing brand of alt. Hailing from North Jersey, the band released their sophomore EP "Know Your Values" earlier this year to widespread critical acclaim. While still new, the project showcases the group developing their cinematic sound into a truly cohesive artistic vision.

The EP opens with the brooding track "Force." Opening with a shimmering guitar line that creeps in slowly, it sets an immediately moody tone. The vocals float hauntingly over the track, treated with just the right amount of effect to give them an otherworldly quality. The song builds gradually with layers of guitar, keyboards, and drums, never exploding but maintaining an atmospheric intensity.

"Keep Me Around" offers a bit of a breather compared to the opener, with a lilting guitar line and lighter drums. The hushed delivery draws the listener in to focus on the intimate lyrics. Backup textures add extra dimension without becoming distracting. The song shows the band’s ability to conjure moods through subtlety rather than bombast.

On "At the Disco," the emotive crooning ensures the tune never feels lightweight. The vulnerable performance brings an unexpected heft to the danceable groove. The contrast between the propulsive instrumentation and intimate vocals makes for a truly unique listening experience that draws you in on repeated listens.

"Appeal (Covet Melody)" kicks into high gear with a swirling guitar line and fast drums. It’s one of the most upbeat tracks on the EP yet never loses the band’s cinematic style or soul. Impassioned wailing soars over the vibrant backing, giving the rocker added gravitas.

The EP winds down with the ethereal "Cowgirl," built around hazy keyboards, spacious percussion, and wrested vocals. It provides the perfect languid conclusion, an atmospheric comedown from the emotional highs of earlier tracks.

Throughout "Know Your Values," The Preacher’s Club demonstrates a wonderful command of mood, texture, and songcraft. The band presents a mesmerizing vocal presence, capable of bending words to their will. Their cinematic brand of indie rock is perfectly suited to late nights with headphones on, transporting the imagination elsewhere. Make sure to follow their progress – this is just the beginning of The Preacher’s Club. Stream the album, now available online.

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