KNOTS (Original Single) By Moon and Aries

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German composer Tom Aries and Canadian singer Jordana Moon comprise the enchanting music duo MOON AND ARIES. Blending electronic, cinematic and pop influences with gracefully poetic lyrics and entrancing melodies, their music enraptures audiences to an uplifting spiritual universe.

Since debuting with their first album "The Arrival" in 2022, MOON AND ARIES have impressed with releases like the euphoric summer EP "Paradise" and the concept album "Break The Matrix." Their signature sound fuses Tom Aries' melodious instrumentals and seductive beats with Jordana Moon's transcendental vocals and poignant storytelling. Their latest single "KNOTS" demonstrates the duo's continued growth. Over woven synths, pulsing keys and a driving beat, Moon's emotive vocals plead for help unraveling from unhealthy thoughts and misconceptions binding her down. The song acts as an anthem reminding us that overcoming obstacles is key to progress.

"KNOTS" opens with electronic beats and ambient melodies before Moon's enthralling verse forms. As Moon describes herself "suffocating underneath somebody else / Who lied to me," more echoes enter, adding melodrama and a feeling of release. Moon's desire to undo her "hands turning red caught up in dirty plots" lies juxtaposed with Aries' luminous rhythmic design.

The cyclical nature of Moon's hurdles mirrors the percussive pattern. But line by line, Moon articulates her lessons, inceptions and "unhealthy thoughts" looping through, illustrating self-awareness as the first step. With each loop of the hook, Moon's willpower strengthens, bolstered by Aries' resonant instrumentals lifting her voice upwards.

MOON AND ARIES have proved yet again that they’re capable of crafting complex yet accessible electronic pop, using detailed soundscapes to amplify sincere emotion and profound messages of determination. MOON AND ARIES extend a helping hand to guide fans toward more multicolored days as we move past our own difficulties.

"KNOTS" shows MOON AND ARIES at their sophisticated best, weaving lush electronic textures around Moon's thoughtful lyrics to create an elevating pop gem. If you're in need of a song that lifts your spirits while speaking truth to battles within, give "KNOTS" a listen on Spotify now. Then follow MOON AND ARIES on social media to stay tuned for more atmospheric pop brilliance from this fascinating duo.

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