Kiss the Son (Original Single) by Second Adam & the New Creations

There are many musicians who can offer successful songs with profound meaning, but very few are masters at it. An excellent example of a musician who masters it is Second Adam & the New Creations. He is now back with a new piece, “Kiss the Son,” in which he talks of God and his glory.

Abe Germano is the sole member of Second Adam and the New Creations, and he hopes that through listening to his music, believers in god can find some solace in the worst of times.

The guitar is incredibly bright and strong, really pouring life into it. “Kiss the Son” has a very good chord sequence that really jumps out in the music. Other rock components, such as the drums, are also prominent in the song; they are extremely tight and crisp, and the performance is genuinely unique. As soon as you hear the drums, you’ll start headbanging. The vocals are really pure and pleasing to the ears, and they are just as clear as the production. The atmosphere is already infused with inspiring phrases that help you feel better.

The songwriting is highly engaging and holds our attention throughout the verses with lyrics that read “Bend the knee and turn from sin / May His Spirit dwell within / Find the King a loving Savior Kiss the Son”, Second Adam & the New Creations gives us important spiritual messages that heal the soul and bring you closer to God.

Overall, the song has lovely arrangements from beginning to end; it is masterfully layered, and it never loses its appeal. I feel that his voice maintained the entire work tight and strong and truly integrated the production to the maximum, I really appreciate the vocal performance that was done. Even the instrumental and backup vocal arrangements are difficult to ignore; the song undoubtedly has a life of its own and is enjoyable by everybody, believer or not.

The song’s primary objective is to lift listeners’ spirits, and the lyrics and vocals most surely succeed in doing so. Your mood will be lifted, and all of your potential troubles in life will be forgotten. You may listen to the song “Kiss The Son” on Spotify and keep up with Second Adam and the New Creations on social media for new updates.

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