TOP BEST HITSKill a Ghost (Original Video) by Maria Weissman

July 29, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Kill a Ghost (Original Video) by Maria Weissman Kill a Ghost (Original Video) by Maria Weissman

Maria Weissman has released her first ever debut single, and the mighty woman she is, her first single is a message of empowerment for everyone out there.

"Kill a Ghost" Maria Weissman's first release is a folk rock track that Maria has written the lyrics to and vocalized. Maria's lyrics for this track are meaningful and empowering, urging us to flip the script when we are being blamed for something that is not our fault, as many people have experienced in life.

This single is unique with mesmerizing vocals and a video clip that puts you in a trance to know what's to happen next, Maria Weissman is a rising star and you should definitely give her music a listen.

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