Keep The Change By W1ZZY

TOP BEST HITS Keep The Change By W1ZZY

W1ZZY is back at it again, with another banger that gives us a real look at what it's like living on the streets of London. This is his 3rd release of 2024, which he recorded, mixed, and mastered himself. He hails from West London and is known as W1ZZY. He already has over 7k monthly listeners on Spotify. Even the music video for his song "Keep The Change" has been viewed over 171k times since it came out not too long ago.

In this track "Keep The Change," W1ZZY lays down some powerful lyrics over a beat that will get your head nodding. The rhythm is strong and staccato, perfect for talking about life in London from the point of view of a street kid.

W1ZZY dives right in and spits about the gritty realities of life. It's authentic, it's real and personal, even if it's from the perspective of a street kid. In this song, he keeps it completely realistic and gives us a glimpse into the day-to-day life from the POV.

W1ZZY is an artist on the rise. His songs take you there and make you feel what he's been through. You feel everything on this track. He knows how to work the mic. His words are so clear even though he's flowing faster than a speeding train. He structures his rhymes with real talent, always rhyming the best lyrics to tie each part together like a pro.

The song just builds and builds like an epic rap track. It gets your heart pumping like you're right in the action. W1ZZY matches that intensity with everything he throws at the mic.

And the music video is next level! Looking at the video, you feel like you are stepping into the shoes of W1ZZY. It's shaky, gritty, and perfectly filmed. The cinematography pulls you right onto London streets beside him.

With "Keep the Change," W1ZZY comes up with a single that's truly unforgettable. Fans of UK rap will be impressed with his skills and the stories he can spin. This song gives you a true glimpse of what it's like, it sticks with you long after. As W1ZZY would say, "You know what's going on." And you do know what's going on, you know that you are witnessing a great rapper in the making. You can watch the music video at any time online. Or stream the song on Spotify and vibe out to his flow.

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